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Domain Name Monitoring Service

This service is designed to help you track domains and their expiration dates. Using this service you can be notified upon key event changes related to the expiration dates of any domain in the world.

Here are some of the many ways this service may be useful to you.
  • Monitor expiring dates on your own domains
  • Monitor expiring dates on your customers' domains
  • Monitor expiring dates on domains you'd like to purchase
  • No $30 and up backorder fees from domain registrars
You don't have to pay up to $30+ to backorder a domain with our service. You simply enter a domain to track and set how and when you'd like to be notified and we'll take care of the rest. When you backorder a domain you pay them to try and register a domain for you when it expires. If the domain is renewed by the owner, which happens 96% of the time, you either have to put a new backorder on a different domain or, worse, lose your investment.

Since so many people renew their domains it's better to simply monitor them instead of backordering:
  • Setup a domain to monitor
  • Receive a notice from us X days before it expires (You set the schedule), or
  • Receive a notice from us when any information on the domains WHOIS record changes
  • Cancel or change domains you are monitoring at any time
After your register or login, click on Free Services --> Domain Name Monitoring from your members control panel. If you are already signed in simply click here: Domain Name Monitoring

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