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Full Port Scan Monitoring Service

Software ports are virtual or logical data connection that are used to allow applications to exchange data betweeen directly. Computers will listen on many different ports, depending on the sofware installed. On the internet, most networks put firewalls in place to prevent or block programs from the internet from talking to their internal applications.

On every website you connect to you will see that port 80 is always open, because that port listens for HTTP requests.

Here's a list of well known Common ports and the applications that use them: Common Ports.

It's important to secure or close all ports that are not neccessary, having unneccassary open ports allow you to become a target. Also having an important port that like port 80 (HTTP) closed, will prevent your website from working.

How does this service work?

When you sign up for this service, Unlock The Inbox, will verify your ownership or admin priviledges of the IP Address or website you want port scanned on a scheduled basis. You will tell us which ports to check and the state they should be in (Open or Closed) and we will monitor those ports for you. If the state of those port changes we will notify you via email. In addition, you will also be able scan all ports at anytime. We offer a limited version of our tool here: Free Port Scanning Tool

Why do we verify ownership?

Some computers have software in place, where if you scan their computers for open ports, they will block the IP of the computer that scanned them. If you are the owner of the IP or URL being scanned, that has software in place to block port scans, you will be able to permit our IP's scan your ports without being banned.

After your register or login, click on Free Services --> Full Port Scan Monitoring from your members control panel. If you are already signed in Simply click here: Full Port Scan Monitoring

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