- Introduction -

Welcome to the Unlock The Inbox affiliate program. Thank you for choosing to partner with us. Unlock The Inbox has been in business since 2010 and we have the best and most flexible email testing and monitoring services available today. We focused on providing the best possible tools for everything email for the best price.

Key benefits of promoting Unlock The Inbox:
  • High coversion rates.
  • Long retention Rates.
  • Very low cancel rate, (due to such a high quality service at the right price point).
  • Everyone who sends email including yourself; should be using our service.
  • This is a real service thats benefical to every email sender, that uses their own domain name to send mail.
  • This is a long time commitment between us and you. As you will enjoy recurring revenue for a long time.

- Products and Services Offered -

We offer the following different products and services, all these services are included as part of the "Complete Monitoring Solution" - Some of these products can be purchased ala-cart. Please click on the links and familiarize yourself with the products.

- Commission -

The way commissions work at Clickbank is that they pay out based on pecentages, after they remove their fees, you can read about those fees here: ClickBank Fees.

The payout offered on our monthly product 75% on the initial sale and 10% on monthly rebills.

Monthly Product: The Complete Monitoring Solution - $19.99 for the first month then $9.99 for each additional month.

Recurring Affiliate Payout: $13.12 for the initial sale and $.90 per month for the lifetime of the subscription. That's $23.02 for just one year per customer. Additional payouts keep recurring monthly indefinitely.

Non-recurring Affiliate Payout: We also have non-recurring products that are popular where we split the sales revenue.

- Graphics - Banners - Images - Videos

Below you will find banners and images that will help you sell and advertise our services. Our complete monitoring solutions covers all different types of monitoring (Email Authentication, Blacklist, Domain Name, Port, etc.) It's a package deal, that's why it's such a great offering with a high retention rate.

To use these on your website simply copy the code beneath the banner or image you wish to use and replace the xxxx with your clickbank username.

Unlock The Inbox provides a suite of tools as discussed above for an affordable price, you can target individual tools by adjusting your hop link with ULR/QUERY parameters. We currently do not have graphics/images for all of our tools, we're not against you designing your own graphics to enhance your sales. If we love them, we might buy them from you :)

You can also use the links below in email or inline text ads to promote our services.

By adding the following to the end of your hop link you can target specific tools we offer.
  • http://xxxx.emailauth.hop.clickbank.net?goto=uti_email-authentication-pro
  • http://xxxx.emailauth.hop.clickbank.net?goto=uti_blacklist-monitoring
  • http://xxxx.emailauth.hop.clickbank.net?goto=uti_portscan-monitoring
  • http://xxxx.emailauth.hop.clickbank.net?goto=uti_mail-miner
  • http://xxxx.emailauth.hop.clickbank.net?goto=uti_domain-monitoring
  • http://xxxx.emailauth.hop.clickbank.net?goto=uti_bulk-email-validation
  • http://xxxx.emailauth.hop.clickbank.net?goto=uti_email-authentication-pro_2
336x280 Static Banner336x280 Static Banner
300x250 Static Banner300x250 Static Banner
250x250 Static Banner250x250 Static Banner
200x200 Static Banner200x200 Static Banner
180x150 Static Banner180x150 Static Banner

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~ Videos ~

- Sales Flow -

Unlock The Inbox is a very large website with a lot of free tools and resources, a customer might browse and use our free tools before creating an account and signing up for our paid services. Most of our free resources and tools mention and link to our paid services.

Once a customer decides they want to sign up, they will create a free account with us, we only ask for minimal information "email and password" to establish an account.

Feel free to create a free account for yourself by clicking this link:Create Account

Once an account is created, the customer will be presented with a screen asking them to purchase a monthly subscription to our services. When a customer purchases a subscription their account will be activated automatically and they can begin configuring their account to use our services.

Customers willalso have the option to purchase some stand-alone non-subscription products.

- Ethics -

If we catch any affiliate using un-ethical ways to drive traffic, numerous actions can be take against you:
  1. You will be blacklisted and removed from selling our products through ClickBank
  2. You will forfeit all existing recurring revenue
  3. Legal action might be taken
If you want to discuss your strategy with us before promoting us, you can simply click this link: Contact us