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Why did Hillary Clinton lose the 2016 presidential election?

If you keep up with American politics you know this was one of the most historic elections. It really doesn't matter who won or loss, it always comes down to lessons learned. Where each of the campaigns reflect on what happen and what can they do better next time in order to succeed. In life, people try to pinpoint where they went wrong to attribute the failure and blame. In this election, you'll hear things like:
  • FBI Comey Announcement of re-opening of Hillary Private Email Server Probe
  • Polling was inaccurate
  • Our message to the American People wasn't on target
  • Wikileaks Emails was damaging to our campaign
  • Etc, etc, etc
These are all known issues, when something is known, it's not the root cause of why you failed. When you know something you can take action to correct the situation, it's the UNKNOWNS that causes you to fail. You can't plan for the UNKNOWN, you can always plan for the known.
With that said, what did TRUMP know that CLINTON didn't? It all comes down to email marketing. I signed up to both campaigns and analyzed the emails that were being sent out. As you know, we're known for testing emails. Below is an image of the two different campaign emails.

Election Comparison

As you can see TRUMP had a perfect score of 0 WARNINGS and 0 CRITICALS and CLINTON had 37 WARNINGS and 22 CRITICALS respectively. Obviously, the CLINTON Campaign emails didn't have the best configuration and this most likely impacted their delivery rate. In a race as tight as this one, if the CLINTON campaign was able to reach just 1% more of their voters urging them to turn out, they could have changed the outcome of the election. Did the CLINTON campaign know about all the authentication, configuration, and security issues they had? Of course not, if they would of, they would of fixed it ASAP. This is the UNKNOWN I was taking about earlier, it's the simple things you take for granted that can cost you the presidency.

There was also a few other issues with the CLINTON campaign emails besides the configuration, authentications and security issues.  I received emails that weren't formatting properly with HTML exposed as plain text, I received plenty of emails with SPAM triggering keywords. It's like they didn't do any INBOX TESTING or proofing of the emails being sent out.

If you want to test your EMAIL - Follow the directions here: MAIL TESTER.  
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