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How To Set Up Your Abuse Contacts

The abuse contact database is run and maintained by the Network Abuse Clearing House. It's a place where the owner of a domain can register their abuse email contact info. This allows people to have a starting point for who to contact when they find themselves the subject of abuse from someone at that domain. For example, receiving spam emails or threats from a specific user at the domain.

That's awesome! How do I add my domain to the database so people can alert me of any abuse?

You can email "" with the subject line of "Please Add My Contacts" then in the body of the email include the following information.

For a single abuse contact:

For multiple abuse contacts:

Then send it off and normally within a few hours your contact information will be updated in the abuse database.

That's great! How do I look up the abuse contact for a domain I'm experiencing abuse from?

You can use the tool we created here: Abuse Contact Lookup Tool

All you have to do is type in the domain name as seen in the photo below. If "Source Of Data" field says "Default" that means the domain was never added to the list. However, it is typical that most abuse email addesses are "". If "Source Of Data" field says "lookup" it means we were able to successfully look up a value in the list.
Abuse Contact Lookup
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