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Email Feedback Loops

Email Feedback Loops provide feedback to an email sender on whether or not the email recipient thought the email was spam. Most major email providers establish a Feedback Loop mechanism where the sender can sign up to receive this valuable feedback.

Which Companies Have Feedback Loops in Place?

AOL, Comcast, Excite, Net Zero, Juno, RoadRunner, USA, Yahoo, Earthlink, Outblaze, Cox, Mailtrust, Tucows, Verizon, Hotmail, etc. As you can see there are many email service providers that offer Feedback Loops.

Email Feedback Loop

What Can Happen If I Don't Sign Up?

If a company or person continuously emails the same recipient that keeps flagging your messages as spam and you don't take any action to remove them from your mailing list, the email provider can take many actions including:
  • Marking all your emails as spam
  • Rejecting all email from you
  • Reporting your URL and IP to Blacklists
  • Filing a complaint with the spam police

How Do I Sign Up?

Before you sign up you need to gather some basic contact information which includes:
  • First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Phone, and Email Address
And more importantly Feedback Loop information which includes:
  • Feedback Loop Email - This is the email that the feedback loop information will be sent to when someone reports your emails as spam, most people use ""
  • CIDRs/IPs - A list of all your IP Addresses or IP rangers, most businesses who have one or two IP address will convert their IP's to CIDR, which will look similar to, you can use our conversion tool here: IP Range to CIDR Conversion tool

How Do I Find The Correct Sign Up Pages?

Unlock the Inbox offers a FREE Feedback Loop Service where we will properly sign up your company to all the different feedback loop programs and alert you when new email service providers adopt this technology. You can read about our service here: Unlock the Inbox - Feeback Loop Service

What Else Should I Know?

When you receive a feedback Loop response, it doesn't have the address of the person you emailed, but it does have the content of the email that was sent. In order to determine who you sent the email to, you have to include tracking information. Most Newsletter and E-mail Markerting companies add unique tracking information to every email that goes out, so they can gather statistics about Open Rates and Click Throughs.

If you are not using software that assigns unique tracking information to every email marketing campaign message, you should really consider switching to a more feature rich email marketing tool.

In the example below, you can see the email message ID, we can use that ID to find out who the original email was addressed to.

Example of a Feedback Loop Response from AOL

Aol Feedback Loop

Source: Unlock The Inbox

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