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Unlock The Inbox - IE Accelerator

If you use Internet Explorer 8 or higher, you have the ability to add accelerators.

Accelerators allow you to highlight text on the screen in IE and then click the blue button that appears with your mouse. Then you will be presented with the different accelerators you have installed to run various tasks on the text you selected.

The Unlock The Inbox Accelerator allows you to highlight an website name, IP Address, or email address and quickly look that information up in any tool you choose.

I use IE. That sounds really cool! How do I add this accelerator?

You can install it from Microsoft's Gallery here: Accelerator Gallery.

If you visit the gallery, please give us a 5 star rating!

You can also install it by clicking this button -->

Okay, I have it installed. How do I use it?

  • Highlight a URL, IP, or Email Address with your mouse.
  • Click The blue button that appears.
  • Navigate to Accelerators and Hover over Unlock The Inbox.
  • Wait for the small window to show and select the tool you wish to use.
Below is a photo of the accelerator in action.

IE Accelerator

Source: Unlock The Inbox
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